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All Of Your Business

When you need a good bookkeeper, you need somebody who understands the full life cycle of what you're doing in your business year-to-year.

Although it might be tempting to try to get à la carte financial bookkeeping services, it's really to your benefit to have a shop that will take a look at everything and be as engaged as possible.

After all, business leaders have a big job to do. They’re focused on core operations and the actual business itself. They're not there to be an accountant or work with the IRS when they should be developing products and services or managing staff.

That's what we are for – at MJC Business Management, we stay involved with you as a business client to support your success in a time when things like taxes and payroll are, on average, pretty complex.

Payroll Help

There's a whole industry around optimizing payroll. Employers need to figure out withholdings, how benefits work with payroll and any federal, state, or local taxes that have to come out above and beyond Social Security and Medicare.

Just that by itself is a significant job. We can help with automation and efficiencies that allow you to scale your business and hire more people without being terrified of the paperwork.

Inputs and Outputs

A business works on its inputs and outputs – financially speaking, its accounts receivable and accounts payable. There's also new terminology called “capex” and “opex,” which relates to your one-time capital expenses and your ongoing expenses, but that can be covered in longer-term planning. What a lot of businesses need help with is the everyday process of handling accounts receivable and accounts payable. You might have a person on staff who's doing it, but they might be using outdated tools and maybe falling behind or getting confused.

Again, having new technology and efficiency makes a big difference. Get us on board and we’ll help to streamline your finances for a cleaner desk and more peace of mind.

Quarterly Taxes

To some business leaders, it seems like they just got over the last hump in filing a quarterly payment when a new quarter comes around again!

The IRS quarterly estimated payment process is undoubtedly clunky. Just the process of delivering huge amounts of cash to a government agency voluntarily is something that people don't find easy to do…

So that's part of our job, too, to help you to manage and organize the quarterly estimated payment process so that it's not a big looming cloud on your horizon.

We know that time is money - and we’re here for you! Give us a call.

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