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A Clear Window

Sometimes we use this analogy in talking about bookkeeping services.

You want to be able to see through your window clearly. A dirty window with cobwebs and dust distorts your view of what's on the other side.

In our case, what's on the other side is the integrity of your business finances. And the window, if that wasn’t clear, is the bookkeeping service that you use to maintain your books.

To put it another way, having any kind of ambiguity or confusion in the numbers can be a big problem for a business.

People who have confronted this kind of issue know this.

How do you prevent these kinds of problems from happening? It starts with a commitment to transparent bookkeeping, to a ‘clean window’ to your account ledger and financial documents.

Taxes and More

Another way to talk about this is that your bookkeeping results tell a story about your business.

You may have heard of municipalities and government offices hiring an auditor who then comes up with a narrative in a multipage document showing the financial health of the party in question. Small businesses might not need an audit, but they can utilize these types of services, a “light audit” of you will, in a bookkeeping outfit that knows how to present numbers in precise ways.

When you have all that in place, you can tell how your business is keeping up with quarterly taxes, how it's handling payroll, how it’s handling A/R and A/P and what that means for the heart of the business and its solvency in the future.

When you don't have all that in place, there are big question marks, and the business might seem to be on shaky footing.

Dedication to Detail

Testimonials on the site show our customers appreciate our attention to detail and our approach to accounting. MJC Business Management, as a thorough and professional bookkeeping service, has your interests in mind and works with integrity to provide the transparency that you need. That's not just a slogan – it's a reality. In the industries that we serve, companies can’t afford to have a lack of clear bookkeeping, and they can’t afford for those windows to be speckled with grime and dust. They need to be able to look through to the other side easily, and take stock of their situation every day to work from a place of confidence.

If your business doesn’t have the accounting firepower that it needs to run smoothly, call us and let’s talk! We can find a way to affordably provide our services to help you have more confidence in how business is going. It’s a big relief to many of our customers to have help with this, and to have a team in place that they can trust.

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